[pct-l] Guide Book Gouging

stillroaming pct at delnorteresort.com
Thu Jan 11 23:07:25 CST 2007

And that's precisely why there is a price on the cover. Otherwise, it could 
possibly cost much more...still you'd sit there and tell me they're doing me 
a favor.

Brick, I've slandered no one. Get a grip. Charging $30 more, in my opinion, 
is gouging. I've expressed my opinion in an acceptable manner. You and 
others are not happy with it. So what. Deal with it.

Scott Parks

> Is the PCTA they charging more than the list price printed on the
book? No. they are not

If they were doing that, then perhaps one could argue they are
gouging, but they are not.

There is nothing wrong with buying at a discount, but someone
slandering a worthy organization by accusing them of price gouging,
simply for charging list price, paints less than a rosy picture of the
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