[pct-l] Nano Gear for the Trail

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Fri Jan 12 18:34:08 CST 2007

Since I got my new 8GB IPod Nano for the 2007 hiking campaign, I  know a lot 
of you ran out and got one too.  This is so on the trail you could be like 
Switchback the Trail  Pirate.  Cool.  Good judgment on your part.  Here are a 
couple of items from mean old  Walmart that you might want for your Nano. 
First is a neat little speaker to let others hear your books and  music.  It 
is a 1.8 ounce (with one  AA lithium battery) Macally.com speaker.  It takes 
some increase (power) in the  Nano volume control to hear the selection well, 
but not bad.  Of course, the sound quality will not be  like your headphones. 
Second, is a clear case and earphones that allow you to hang the  Nano around 
your neck.  This pretty  convenient while you hike listening to John Muir 
describe the Sierras or Powell  exploring the Grand Canyon.  Or your favorite 
tunes while you bang  along the trail.  The empty case and  earphones, and 
lanyard weigh 1.4 ounces or 39g.  Not bad.  It is from Rivetnow.com and called the  
Rhythm with Grab. 
The case that came in the package is for the old Nano and I emailed the 
company about this  right a way.  They are sending free  a new size second 
generation Nano case.  They called me at home within 2 hours of me sending my email.  
Outstanding customer  service. 
One of the big things I find with listening to things along the  trail is 
time goes by so much quicker.  It is absolutely amazing how the miles fly by as 
you listen while you  saunter along.  This is just a  technique to have a lot 
more fun out there.  If you hate electronic devices on the  trail, then HYOH. 
Switchback the Nanophobe 
Grand  Canyon  Barter and Trader 
(of you know  who)

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