[pct-l] iPod Nano???

Carol Freed robert at engravingpros.com
Fri Jan 12 21:25:39 CST 2007

Did you say the Nano only lasts one hour on a charge? Hmmm...?
    I picked up a Rio player for my hike last year. I would get several days use out of one charge. True I only listened to it for three or four hours a day, but still...
    Plus the Rio uses a single AAA battery and the same flash card as my camera. It is smaller and little more durable than the Nano in my opinion. Also, I used the built in radio a lot. I have never tried it with a lithium battery but I'm sure it would last much longer.
    I would just include a few AAA batteries in my food box. Two AAA's weigh far less then a solar charger. The wife would sometimes surprise me with books on tape downloaded from the local library or a personal message from the kids on a extra flash card.

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