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I'm  getting nervous Switchback. Who is it you are going to barter and trade 
with  on the GC expedition?  Beware of short sheeted sleeping bags!   Gottago 
I have to admit  that the women who are coming on the Grand Canyon Expedition 
in February are  very nice.  In fact, some of them have treated me well and 
done favors  for me.  For example, Gottogo gave me a sandwich at the April 
Kickoff last  year when I was hungry.  I remember and appreciate Trail Angel  
But business is business.  I  have a profit margin goal on this expedition.  
When we get to the bottom of  the canyon at Phantom Ranch, they all go up for 
sale to the local Indians for  some horses, blankets, and jewelry. 
It's not that I am cruel or heartless, it is just the American way.  I  am a 
product of my civilization and culture.  It is not my fault.  I  was thinking 
of an auction on a regular basis each winter in the canyon and  at the April 
Kickoff too.  I take my profits and buy more hiking  gear.  That is honorable.  
It is not like I am going to do something  shameful like spend my spoils on 
wine, women, and song or steal a  hiker's gear.  Cut me some slack.
Your pal and temporary trail partner, Switchback the Trail  Pirate

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