[pct-l] Sonora Pass

goslowgofar goslowgofar at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 15 20:21:53 CST 2007

I don't believe Greyhound goes into Sonora.  You would have to stay on route 108 to Modesto, which is on Hwy 99.  
  If you are trying to get to Sonora Pass via public transporation, I wonder if you could take a CREST bus from Reno and have it drop you at the junction of routes 395 and 108. Then it's a relatively short hitch to the pass.

montypct <montypct at gmail.com> wrote:
I don't know of any public transportation on the pass.
The one hour trip west to the town of Sonora usually only takes one ride.
That would be your closest town.
Greyhound services that town.
Warner Springs Monty 

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