[pct-l] Keeping a VERY skinny guy warm in SoCAL

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Mon Jan 15 21:10:20 CST 2007

> Any other suggestions from hikers who tend to get cold?

Never let yourself get cold in the evening.  When you stop hiking 
immediately throw on all your layers (unless they make you too hot).

Eat hot food right before getting into your sleeping bag, or while in your 
sleeping bag at your own risk.

Two pairs of socks, not tight.

Camp away from water or high above water.  (Lake Morena cold can be 

Sleeping with a balaklava, turn it around to cover your face.  Drape your 
bandana over your head to cover your ears, then put on your balaklava.

Cover any place on your body that has a lot of blood flow toward the surface 
with any extra insulation you have.  This includes the groin area. 
Something as small as a bandana can make a big difference in warmth.

Gather wood and set up a campfire ready to start easily in an emergency 
where conditions allow.

Leave a small pot of water and stove close by and ready to go to easily fire 
up some hot liquid (like morning coffee or tea).

I use a silnylon bivy (6.5 oz) over my bag that doubles as a ground cloth 
and it makes a huge difference.

Don't hold urine in.  It takes a lot of energy to keep it warm inside your 

Warner Springs Monty 

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