[pct-l] E-Lite - ultralight, but not very bright - why bother?

bluebrain at bluebrain.ca bluebrain at bluebrain.ca
Tue Jan 16 13:32:03 CST 2007


It may weigh in at just an ounce, but I wonder if it's worth the
trade-off?  It puts out much less light than other headlamps, and
particularly once the battery life decreases, which is rapid since it's
battery life isn't long.

Max life, 45 hours, max light distance 19 m (for a few minutes with fresh

Maximum 35 h
  t0 = 19 m
  t30mn = 12 m
  t10h = 5 m
  t30h = 3 m

Economic 45 h
  t0 = 11 m
  t30mn = 10 m
  t10h = 5 m
  t30h = 3

Compare that to other models that weigh between two and three ounces with
regular batteries and can last up to 150 hours.

Maximum 60 h
  t0 = 35 m
  t30mn = 30 m
  t10h = 20 m
  t30h = 7 m

Economic 120 h
  t0 = 18 m
  t30mn = 17 m
  t10h = 15 m
  t30h = 13 m

Is saving two ounces worth a much dimmer light (again, particularly as the
batteries run down) and as much as 1/3 less battery life?  For most of
it's battery life the ELITE will only be casting light between 3 and 10
meters away.

If you really want light, why not go with the photon freedom micro light?


It says 10-12 hours here, but I think that's on it's highest setting, and
it can last up to 100 hours when dimmer.  Can't find any brightness stats
on it, but I read one review that indicated it was brighter than many 3
light headlamps, and it's about a quarter ounce with the hat-clip.

Personally, I want to have more than enough light with me (both in terms
of brightness and battery life) not just barely enough.


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