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Hey Boone,

I want to respond to warnings about camping within 30 miles of the
border.  My last name is Ramirez, 2nd generation U.S. citizen, my
grandparents came to the U.S. from Mexico in their teens.  Because of
my experience and knowledge, I can say that I know there is nothing to
fear from Mexican citizens illegally entering the U.S.  I have never
personally heard of any incidents where anyone has been so much as
even threatened by them.  For the much greater part, they are
respectful, humble and wishing only to secure a more prosperous future
based upon their willingness to labor for it.  I'm of course assuming
that the 30 mile warning has its basis in the immigration issue.

For better than 35 years, my dad was a prominent business man in Santa
Ana California, 110 plus miles north of Mexico on interstate 5.  We
hired many of these people over the years and the common consensus was
that Immigration Authorities were not so much concerned about danger
to the public from immigrants in the outlying areas, as they were
about the identities of anyone camping in those areas.  The less
people, the less work for the Border Patrol.  But as for being
safe....the chances are much greater that your food will get ripped
off by a brownie in the Sierras than being disturbed by a poor Mexican
crossing the border.


On 1/16/07, Jeff Williams <willjt at appstate.edu> wrote:
> Hello from North Carolina.
> I completed the AT in 2002 and have done about 900 miles of the PCT
> (Snoqualmie Pass, WA to Dunsmuir, CA).
> I have a trip planned from Campo to Palm Springs in late April.  I
> planned on arriving in Campo about 6pm on April 19 by bus from San
> Diego.  I can't find anything in the guide books or journals that say
> anything about camping (safely) near Campo.  I did see that you
> shouldn't camp within the first 30 miles of the border if you're alone
> (which I will be).  Do you have any suggestions or can you give me
> someone to contact?  Could I stay near the border patrol station? Is
> there anyone in the San Diego area that would provide transportation to
> Campo early on Friday, April 20 as another option?  My flight arrives
> San Diego at 11am, April 19.
> If there is someone interested in hiking part of this segment with me,
> that's something that could be considered.  I'm a 56 year old male with
> plenty of hiking experience.  I typically do 20 miles days depending on
> terrain, weather and available water.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Boone Trekker
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