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Thu Jan 18 20:04:09 CST 2007

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I have not.  But remember, sometimes while hiking, your blood sugar  can get 
very low.  I always carry glucose tablets (sugar pills) on any  hike, long or 
just a few hour day hike.  Low blood sugars are far  more dangerous that a 
occasional spike.  But then I'm an insulin  diabetic....for over 27 years.  
"Diabetic Don" aka '4 times a  day'

You are my hero.  I take 3 shots a day in the stomach  on the trail.  I carry 
some glucose orange flavor tablets in my waist  pack.  By snacking and 
drinking as I hike, I seem to do well out  there.  Though I have to admit, doing a 
15 mile day on the trail is like a  normal hiker doing 30 miles a day.  Very 
Switchback the  Gnarly

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