[pct-l] Thirst is the Best Water Gauge

Marion Davison mardav at charter.net
Thu Jan 18 21:45:15 CST 2007

Mark Jernigan wrote:

>  http://www.alacer.com/cgi-bin/dbsearch.exe?mdb=/products.mdb,tbl=products,DB_code=108,DBCOMP=ABS,template=/products/returntitle.htm
>  I have found that I can drink as much water as I wish now without suffering that "washed out" feeling.  
We also used Electromixs last summer.  We hike during August when the 
Sierras are at their hottest, and I can get nauseated when I hike in the 
heat.  We tried this stuff straight, but hated the taste.  Then we mixed 
up a bottle with this and half-strength Gatorade, and felt like we had 
drunk a real powerhouse.  I will continue to use this in the future.

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