[pct-l] Bandanna for the Trail/Town

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Fri Jan 19 17:46:58 CST 2007

_jeff.singewald at comcast.net_ (mailto:jeff.singewald at comcast.net)   writes:

Well, you are out of touch with reality.  During my thru-hike this  past 
year, I failed to see a single thru-hiker wearing a bandana around the  neck.  And 
secondly, this bandana you refer to is not new.  In fact,  the hiker to town 
/ hiker to trail bandana is exactly what gottago hands out  to every 
thru-hiker at adz.

I thought I could start a new  old trend.  Years ago a lot of hikers used 
bandanas, but not too much  anymore.  It was worth a try.  I have a lot of 
GotToGo's  bandanas.  I have them displayed in my garage.  Pretty  neat.
Switchback the Bandana


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