[pct-l] Bandanas vs Headaches

Kevin Corcoran kevin at antelecom.net
Fri Jan 19 18:54:50 CST 2007

Switchback wrote:

>I thought I could start a new  old trend.  Years ago a lot of hikers used
>bandanas, but not too much  anymore.  It was worth a try.  I have a lot of
>GotToGo's  bandanas.  I have them displayed in my garage.  Pretty  neat.
>Switchback the Bandana

	On my desert backpack trips I've found that a wet bandana 
around my neck provides comfort.  As a migraine sufferer, I'll get 
one if I get only a little dehydrated, but a sunburn on my neck or 
face will really do me in.  If you find that you get headaches on the 
trail a lot, in addition to a brimmed hat try wearing a dampened 
bandana.  I tie a loose knot at the ends, so it forms a wide loop and 
my front collar is unobstructed. (Trail pirates, on the other hand, 
only wear them over the tops of their heads, of course with the 
accessory eyepatch...)

	In fact I used to always get bad headaches on trips.  I still 
get them sometimes but have learned to mitigate the triggers. If any 
others want to share headache knowledge, I'd be happy to engage in 
discussion off-line...

Kevin "Where's My Imitrex Tablets" Corcoran

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