[pct-l] esbit tabs

ed faubert edfaubert at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 14:25:47 CST 2007

or use a dab of purell on the tabs, Mr Gear tester told me that one!!!!

Matt Geis <mgeis at yahoo.com> wrote:  I got around the 'hard to light' problem by keeping a TINY bit of denatured alcohol on hand. A few drops on the top of the esbit would help it light up quickly, even in windy situations (of course, a windscreen helps in both the lighting and the cooking process, as you don't want the wind blowing the flame and heat away from your cook pot). Just a thimbleful would also help to start a small campfire if the need arose (as on a couple truly cold nights curing a cold snap in Oregon in 2002).

Iron Chef

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