[pct-l] Food Cache

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Wed Jan 24 18:18:43 CST 2007


But this is exactly what the sign says the boxes are for!  It may be 
this is the only place this is so, and is the only one I know of, but 
there are three huge boxes there at the edge of the parking lot for food 
storage for hikers - the rangers don't want food in people's cars.  
There are boxes for campers in the campground.  Now my putting food in 
the boxes at Horseshoe Meadows may have done what Pea suggests, but 
Onion Valley is different... 


Pea Hicks wrote:
> Jeffrey Olson wrote:
>> There are a bunch of bear boxes at the Onion Valley Parking lot and 
>> the signs insist you use the bear boxes rather than leave food in 
>> cars - so there's another cache spot. 
> for the sake of yourself and your fellow hikers, i would strongly 
> advise you not to use bear boxes for caching food, as that's NOT what 
> they're for. bear boxes are exclusively for the use of whoever is 
> camping in the immediate area. if lots of hikers started using bear 
> boxes to cache food, there would be no room in the boxes for the folks 
> who actually need to use them for their intended purpose.
> at the woods creek camp north of rae lakes last year, there was a note 
> from the rangers in the bear box, addressed to some folks who had 
> cached their food there. the note reprimanded them for doing so, and 
> said that they could find their food waiting for them at the rae lakes 
> ranger station, which means they had to backtrack several miles (and 
> climb quite a bit) in order to claim their food from the rangers, who 
> probably also read them the riot act when they got there.
> girlscout

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