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The best method I have found to prevent rash in that location involves 
several protocols.  First is cleanliness (bathing each evening, baby wipes 
after defecation, if needed).

Second, underwear that does not tend to irritate the area due to friction (I 
have had good results using boxerbriefs made from microfiber, and also 
capilene bottoms (cutoff from longjohns)).

Finally, as you discovered, are topical applications of products such as 
cornstarch or bodyglide.  These work only if you follow the first two 
protocols, and only if you apply them at the very first hint of any 
irritation (much like tending to foot blisters).  After a few nasty bouts 
with rash, I use topicals as a matter of course, whether I experience 
chafing or not.

BTW, the name for that region of the body is called the perineum.


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> Okay,
> Straight to the point. Chafing of private areas.  On long hikes, I get a
> rash right... Well, ... In the "taint" zone.  Technically defined as that
> area that taint quite the (front parts) and taint quite the (back parts)-
> that area right between.  I have found body glide works as I suspect other
> "lubes" would. I am looking for a better solution.  I was wondering what
> others do or if I am the only one.  Strange subject in public (actually
> typed pubic and had to back-space).  However, it needs to be addressed.
> I have found this area to be susceptible due to lack of fabric wicking.  I
> think a good fabric layer that was really "there" would help.  However, on
> shorts, underwear, etc. there is an air gap where the front fabric leaves
> "the boys" and eventually makes contact again - further back.  I thought
> about a thong to get fabric "there", but I am just not pretty enough to 
> pull
> it off.  I am imagining some sort of polyprop under garment that has a 
> large
> opening in the front (like an under wire bra without the wire) that would 
> in
> essence ride up under "the boys" leaving them free in front.  This might
> keep the fabric "there" since it would not have the air-gap problem
> associated with being lifted away from the body by... "the boys".   Of
> course, like a push up bra this might visually give me more credit than I 
> am
> due as I saunter (oh and yes I would saunter) down the trail ...
> Strange subject I know, but hey - it's the trail.
> BillB (Ezhno)
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