[pct-l] Sierra snow conditions (I-80 area)

Acu4harmony at aol.com Acu4harmony at aol.com
Thu Jan 25 22:53:33 CST 2007

I don't know what anyone has heard, but the Sierra snow pack is LOW!!  I 
snowshoe out on the PCT north of I-80 several times a week, but usually  go up a 
nearby peak instead of down to the peter Grubb hut. Today I went down to  the 
hut to check conditions as it makes a good visual benchmark to measure the  
snowpack. I was shocked! I knew the pack was light but today there was less snow  
at the hut than there was late last June when I hiked through. Currently 
there  is only 3-4 feet around the hut. By contrast at the end off last March 
there was  25-30 feet at the hut, so much that skiers had to dig down in the snow 
to get to  the second story entrance from what above appeared only as a  
snowfield. Yeah I know there are still several months in which things could  
change, but if things continue as they have it could be a very good year for  north 
bounders, but you never know, normally the heaviest dumps come in Feb and  
March. Scott

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