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The Big Agnes SL1 tent served me very well on my 2006 thru hike.  After testing one of the cottage industry tarp tents last year, I decided I had no desire to make the trade-off between weight and comfort.  I may be less sensitive to weight as I frankly can't tell the difference between a 1.2 lb tent and a 2.2 lb tent when it is strapped to my pack.  For me, it really didn't matter and I had no problems with pulling the miles required to complete a 4.5 month thru-hike.   I guess I will always be a lightweight hiker rather than an ultra-light hiker because I can't see myself obsessing about weight as some folks seem to do.


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> Hey Switchback, That looks like a pretty neat tent, full view, free 
> standing, separate rain fly, bathtub floor and all to hit the 2 lb. barrier. 
> Have 
> you used it yet? Looks very low condensation too. ?? Are the stakes and 
> everything else included in that 2 lbs.? Switchback keeps digging and he keeps 
> finding gold. 
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> You know I just finally opened my copy of the Backpacker Gear Guide today. 
> I carefully looked at tents/tarps for new 360 degree view shelters that were 
> not nylon prisons out in the great outdoors. Nothing. 
> May be it is just me that is out of step with the rest of backpackerdom. I 
> looked at the packs too. Nothing exciting or cleaver. I look at packs and 
> shelters and start crossing them off by the dozen as not smart. It has to be 
> me that is out in left field. Actually, there are some shelters and packs 
> that are okay and not too bad, but 98% you can forget it. This is ridiculous. 
> It is mostly needless marketing ploys and scams on the hiking public. 
> The place I found some interesting news was in sleeping bags. Some nice 
> stuff, but I still like my NanutakUsa Ghost at 18 ounces (I had them add one 
> ounce of down overfill and it is in long size). 
> Currently, my Big Agnes Seedhouse freestanding 360 view netting tent without 
> a fly weighs in at: 
> Tent = 16.5 ounces (with 4 large Velcro patches on the bottom to attach my 
> foam pad) 
> Poles = 8.1 ounces 
> 2 stakes = .5 ounces 
> or 24.1 ounces total 
> The fly is the issue. My current old style fly weighs in at around 17 
> ounces. The new type fly is supposed to weigh 4 ounces less. But with some 
> lighter type of material it could weight very close to 2 pounds. I have to 
> think 
> about this some more. May be some Epic material would do it. 
> Cheers, Switchback 
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