[pct-l] bear canisters

The Mountain Goat themtgoat at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 21:38:32 CST 2007


In general I think that is correct. If you plan it out well, I think you
can make it to the bear boxes in Kings Canyon, and in Yosemite you would 
probably have to camp in the tuolumne meadows campground, where they have 
bear boxes and make a run for it when you leave tuolumne meadows. Which is 
fairly convent since you would probably resupply there anyway. This is with the assumtion you can pull 14 miles on average in the Sierra's. 

Don't forget when you hit the high country, everyone slows down (except perhaps
people who do the Yo-yo on the PCT).

I think Yosemite took out the bear boxes. But they still exist in Kings Canyon, 

anyone correct me if things have changed since 2005 in that regard...

-Mountain Goat-

Len Roughgarden      lrough at nwlink.com        
     Wed Jan 31 18:21:03 CST 2007          
Ok I think I get it? Either plan on camping at a bear box or 
carry a canister. Is that corrrct?

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