[pct-l] The Last (?) Nobo Thru of 2007

Junaid Dawud jdawud at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 22:51:04 CDT 2007

True true,

500 miles was nice to hit.  I stopped for about 3
minutes.  Admittedly, there were factors affecting my
enjoyment of Section E, but generally I would say
section E was my least favorite section.  Remember the
miles of whoop-dee-dos that motorcycle use had turned
the trail into?  that got me PO.


--- Pea Hicks <phix at optigan.com> wrote:

> Junaid Dawud wrote:
> > There are (imo) only a few good things about
> Section E
> > (I called it section ShitE).  
> you forgot to add the 500 mile mark in there.
> i actually like section E, though. maybe it's just
> nostalgia, i dunno. 
> i've hiked it twice, so i must have liked it at
> least that much.
> then again, i can't really think of any section of
> the pct that i truly 
> "hated" and would never want to return to.
> gs

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