[pct-l] The PCT - Why so many lists?

Brian McLaughlin bmclaughlin at bigplanet.com
Wed Jul 11 20:31:26 CDT 2007

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I just wonder why the web forums are so poor out here. 

Perhaps this question would be much better and more
useful if it were turned on its head and we asked:

What makes whiteblaze.net so excellent?
How did it come into being?
What is its history? 
Who supports it and maintains it?
How did it become the single best source for
info about the AT?

The answers to these questions might reveal that
whiteblaze.net became what it is through an accidental
confluence of factors at an opportune moment, or they
might give some clues about how the PCT resources
could be consolidated by the PCT community.

After all, if we spend a lot of time and discussion on
finding out why "the web forums are so poor out here",
there's a good chance it wouldn't help us get better, no
matter how completely and correctly we formed the
answer to that question.

Maybe you could help us improve by answering some 
of  the questions I listed above. Thanks!

Happy hiking!

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