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Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Fri Jul 13 07:09:08 CDT 2007

As you know I am a trail dandy and like my comforts on the trail.  One  thing 
that bugs me is not having a good pillow.  I have tried lots of  things over 
the years, but they all fail during the night or do not meet my  comfort 
standards.  So, I figured I would try something new.
I got a LuxuryLite.com pillow, but it is very expensive at  $49.  I put my 
ThermoRest Trekker pillow case over it and the  whole things weighs around 4 
A little heavy, but not bad.  The LuxuryLite pillow is an  air/foam 
combination.  You only have to blow it up a little to make it work  fine. One thing I 
noticed is that it is a little noisy.  The bladder  makes a crinkle sound as 
you move your head around.  It is not too bad, but  it might bother some people. 
I think with it inside my tent up against some other items, it will workout  
just fine.  This might be the answer to my problems with a camp pillow that  
is very comfortable and light.
I thank you for your attention and support.
Switchback the BeautyRest

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