[pct-l] Happy Camp-Klamath NF Fires

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Tue Jul 17 23:01:52 CDT 2007

Someone mentioned recently in a note, that I had a forest fire on my Little 
Grider Creek in Happy Camp. It's been a pretty interesting last couple days 
since the fire has been burning downhill towards the town, my house, and the 
Klamath River. There are many fires burning in the area, but this one has 
become personal. The USFS built a contingency line 100yds behind my house 
Sunday. They first wanted to use a bulldozer, but I preferred that build a 
handline, which worked perfectly. Today they backfired from the line to burn 
off the unburned fuels as the fire is approaching my area. They did a great 
job, kept the fire cold, which will cause minimal damage. The fires won't be 
out for weeks or months, but for now, my cabin on the creek is safe. It's 
also raining tonight. I have taken some photos of the local fire events, if 
anyone is interested in seeing them.

http://www.pbase.com/losthiker/root&view=recent  Happy Camp Fires 2007 
Gallery near the top

http://inciweb.org:80/incident/800/  Elk Fire Complex- The Happy Camp Fires 
= This is why the PCT in the Marbles area is getting so smoky! There's also 
some maps, news, closures, and photos on this link. 

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