[pct-l] 2008 PCT Fully Support Thru Hike

carol bruno carolwbruno at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 22 10:32:56 CDT 2007

Just got back from my hike, so am just now reading this and I can truthfully say, I never said any of those things!!!! cq

hiker97 at aol.com wrote: Unsupported writes: .... women.....Oh, yes, women....you forgot to mention women.
 This leisure trek will take 5-6-7 month or longer and I assume you are 
 planing on having a flock of women part of our PCT caravan...I think women will be
 extremely critical for such along journey.
 Actually, I left off any women on this fully supported PCT thru hike.  They tend to be Leadership Terminator types and I think they would cramp my style.  They would take over the motor coach and the meal menus.  
 They would say things to us like, "You stink and need a shower right now." 
 and "Have you forgotten how to use utensils so soon?"
 and "You and your friends need to calm down and go wash up for supper."
 and "Hey, John Muir, when are you going to shave?"
 and "Don't forget to wipe your feet before coming in out of the rain."
 and "We want to watch Sienfeld tonight, so don't you and your buddies get too comfy around that captain's chair in front of the big screen." ------- even though we had planned an evening of watching cage match ultimate fighting on the tube with some cold beer and hot pizza.
 You get the idea.  I don't need that on my fully supported motor coach thru hike.  
 Switchback the Trail Pirate 
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