[pct-l] How go get fit?

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The following is from my personal experince of training for 3 long hikes and 
my opinion only.

First, here's an ideal example for me (distances are in miles):

I'll differ with Tortoise a bit here and say 'Walk, walk, walk and walk some 
more'. Occasionally do hills, once a week, maybe. You don't need to carry a 
full pack. Typcially, I use about 10 lbs (4.5 kg's) of pack weight including 
water (Camelbak with assorted sutff). Only near the end of my training will 
I use a full pack, primarly for gear testing. Try to walk on a natural 
surface, NO asphalt. Reasonablely uneven surfaces are good and strengthen 
the ankles. Very important in trail running shoes!

Use this time to find a PERFECT shoe that suits you. (trail runners and thin 
sock liners, for you lightweight hikers)

Walk on warm or hot ground if at all possible. This will condition your feet 
and it's the biggest hedge against blisters that I know of.

Take appropriate days off, let your body heal. Training breaks muscle and 
bone down, resting builds it up. Eat well.

The end result for me is hitting the trail and doing 20 mile days right from 
the beginning, with ease. Only after pulling a 28 miler through the San 
Felipe Hills did I manage a blister or 2 and not bad ones. I was 42 years 
old at the time of my last long hike.

Doing 20 trail miles over 12 hours is very easy compared to doing 15 
training miles in 4.5 hours.

Have fun with your planning!

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