[pct-l] JMT record attempts

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Sun Jul 22 18:40:06 CDT 2007

You should go out onto the JMT to cheer them on.  It would be a glorious 
gesture and grand way to pass the record onto the next dude. It would also 
psych them out and place a jinx upon their journey to see the current record 
holder along the Muir Trail. I, however, place my bet on Reinhold's 5d7h15m 
record staying with him again; all future record holders will pale when 
compared to Reinhold's determined trail spirit, hard earned respect, and 
love for the JMT.
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Subject: JMT record attempts

> Just to let you know that the JMT will be smocking.
> My most recent information indicates that there will be 4 or 5 attempts at
> the unsupported     JMT record this summer.
> JON  CHIAPPA  is already on the JMT, he started July 19.
> AaRON  SORENSEN, a hard core Endurance Athlete, will start July 30.
> JUSTIN  ANGEL, the Iron Man  &  JOHN  STAMSTAD, the Hall of Famer,  will
> team up and
> start September 1.
> With such a strong field it is ininvitable that the record will fall this
> year.
> I just got through talking with Aaron......his attempt may very well be 
> the
> lightest unsupported
> JMT record attempt ever........total pack weight between 13-14 lb 
> including
> food and water.
> He is not carrying a sleeping bag because he is not planning on sleeping
> very much and
> whatever little sleep he will get he is planning on getting it during the
> day at the lower elevations.
> Funny, that was exactly Al Shaver's unsuccessful plan last year (I tried 
> to
> talk him out of it, but he would not listen).
> Now, that is light.....I thought I was light but, I never was that light
> but.....I'm old fashioned, from the old school of thought and think like a
> backpacker (carry every thing you need to survive anything the Sierra can
> throw at you).......the new trail runner breed does not quiet look at it
> that way and if the weather holds, no problem, but if the weather does not
> hold?
> Aaron posted his article & gear list on   BACKPACKING LIGHT  if you are
> interested.
> JMT Reinhold
> The soon to be former JMT record holder...sob,...sob,...sob

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