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Thanks for the great info- it will help out a lot!

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>Yes, the roads are all open and driveable, and shouldn't be a problem for a 
>normal passenger car. Just make sure you give them a good road map (Rogue 
>River NF map, for instance), because there are lots of intersections to deal 
>with, not all of them well-signed.
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>>I am planning on Section hiking Oregon in August.  I have someone dropping 
>>me off and will be meeting me near the border.  I was wondering if anyone 
>>knows about Road 20 which practically parallels the trail from the border 
>>to I-5.  Is this a good road for a regular passenger car f they want to 
>>support me the first few miles?  And are the roads getting to the actual 
>>border all open and driveable?  Thanks for any info!
>> Fogbow
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