[pct-l] east shasta cutoff

roni h roni_h3000 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 23 17:41:25 CDT 2007

>From the responses I've recieved about the shasta cutoff, it seems that I  have to be a total and atter fool  to  take a short cut there.  Unfortunaly,  a stubern  fool is exactly what I  am, and  I  have figured a way just east of shasta through  miltary pass road andcopco, ca and to lincoln or, that hopefully wont kill me.  Unfortunaly, here at the heitmans I cant find the oregon pct guidebook so I'm guessing that the pct in oregon goos somewhere near the lincoln (which is on highway 66 not too far from hyatt lake).

Would anyone know how easy it would be to hitch to ashland from highway 66? is the a better spot (I should rencounter the pct well east of I-5 so I won't want to hike back west)


Roni (in old station)

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