[pct-l] JMT winner-looser prizes

reinholdmetzger at cox.net reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Wed Jul 25 15:34:58 CDT 2007

It's me, JMT Reinhold, I am the one whose record you are trying to best.
Nice to hear from you and glad to see that you are on board.
Yes, with 5 record attempts, the JMT will be smoking this year.
To answer your question:
Why don't I just arrange for Angelina Jolin to meet you guys at the finish line.......the winner gets one night with Angelina
              the looser gets one night with Switchback  (hiker 97)

Mike, I have hikers on the trail sign my tiny note pad verifying they met me at specific locations on the trail at specific times.
Go get em Tiger!!!

JMT Reinhold


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> Subject: RE: JMT
> Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 09:33:24 -0700 (PDT)
> Hey guys,
>   sorry for late heads up, but I'll be joining you at the attempt. It'd be perfect if we all started at the same time, like someone here said - 4 guys standing on top of whitney and saying to each other - I'll race you to yosemite, but seems like some of us will go off on different days. I would like to start with on Sunday morning at 0600, and looks like Aaron wants to do the same. 
>   I just got myself a new cell phone # - 925-817-0696, please call me today or tomorrow if needed.
>   I'll be heading out tomorrow morning and spending Th, Fr, and Sat at the Trail Camp at Whitney. I will not need to leave extra gear behind before the start, whatever gear I'm taking - I'll carry it all during the attempt, there's not much anyway. Oh yeah, maybe a book, but I hope to pass it over to any hikers going down. 
>   My main question is how do we register the final time at Happy Isles? Ourselves? Or somehow else?
>   Looking forward to meeting all of you, guys. Good luck to everyone!!!
>   -Mike Popov

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