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Sun Mar 11 12:05:17 CDT 2007

Yes, to LuxuryLite use. I'm not real thrilled about the round tubes; 
rectangular bags would hold more stuff in less volume; he also briefly offered a 
rectangular bag about the size of three tubes, which I would have bought and tried, 
if Bruce hadn't discontinued it so fast. My old Alpenlite had many pockets, 
which I loved, including a flat, right behind my neck, vertical pocket for maps 
and guidebooks. No one before or since has done that.
    The L L uses the front bag to offset the weight of whatever's in the 
tubes; it will hold up to 1 gallon of water, with certain bottles, but then one 
had to fight to slide papers into the paper pocket (maps, water guides, 
guidebook pages, etc). I've finally compromised by reducing my front bag water bottles 
to two 1-qt and two .75 qt to allow easy access to papers m - 3.5 qt total. I 
carry paper in 9x12 zips as additional protection from rain and my rare 
carelessness about tight water bottle caps. In the desert, here in Big Bend, I 
carry up to 24 lbs of water on rare occasions, so the more in that front bag the 
better. I use the front bag backwards to put my camera lens down through the 
horizontal strap, so my front bag carries up to 10 pounds at times.
    I've had some problems with the L L, but EVERY SINGLE TIME BRUCE HAS 
early model of pack frame and an early model of two different waistbelts. I 
recommend the L L, if you want a 2-lb external frame pack that stands up by 
itself; however it's usually easier to remove stuff from the bags with it laying 
down. The frame, waistbelt, and front bag are higher quality than two years 
ago. Since L L is an ADZ sponsor, I assume he'll be there.       
Bob "Trekker"
Big Bend Desert Denizen
Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas

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