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Very funny.  In a quick read I missed the word "should" in the first

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Looking for advice from any couples out there who have hiked the PCT.
Here are our questions:
1. What size bear can should we carry? How did you deal with longer
stretches like the High Sierra?
2. We're planning to use a Whisperlite. Any thoughts on that? For anyone who
has used one, were you able to buy fuel at most stops? If not, what did you
do where you couldn't buy it? (Or what's the longest you had to go between
stops where they had fuel?) 3. Any ideas for ways that a couple could cut
down on weight with sleeping bag(s)? We've heard of folks sharing a bag or
quilt-contraption but are curious to hear more about what's worked for you &
how much weight/space we could really save.
4. Any recommendations (or bad reviews) for a 2-person tent? We're thinking
about Six Moon Designs or equivalent, open to suggestions.

And for anyone: reviews on Gregory packs?


Oats & Amanda (no trail name yet)
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