[pct-l] The Herd is a FACT...

Jon Danniken danniken at comcast.net
Mon Mar 12 23:02:25 CDT 2007

It bears noting that the operator of the "ADZPCTKOP" himself refers to the 
attendees as "the hoard".


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From: "stillroaming" <pct at delnorteresort.com>
> If you have any doubts about the existence of 'the herd' go stand outside
> the P.O. in Warner Springs on day 5,6,7 after the KO....and count. Around 
> 60
> hikers on the busiest day should be the peak.
> The results is indisputable and commentary to the contrary is flat wrong.
> And, it'll just get worse to the delight of the organizers.
> In my opinion, Lake Morena is the perfect spot for the KO. Thru-wallets 
> have
> only been on the trail a day or two, they're wildly enthusiastic and you 
> get
> access to the ones who haven't dropped yet. Ka'ching! How many 
> thru-wallets
> would you have access to in Kennedy Meadows? C'mon, get real! Lake Morena 
> is
> per-fect!
> Further reading:
> Avoid the ADZPCTKO:
> http://postholer.com/trails/adz.html
> The Story of a Thru-Wallet (The ADZPCTKO accepts payment by Paypal and 
> Visa
> for this FREE event)
> http://postholer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=236
> L-Rod's unsolicted cheerleader on avoiding the "Artificial Day Zero PCT 
> Kick
> Off", 

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