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Tue Mar 13 00:03:32 CDT 2007

(I can't help it)
Mt. Laguna gets too cold at night.

I've got an idea  Have the Kick Off after everyone is DONE hiking, maybe in Manning Park and it could be better in a lot of ways.

That way they could present better water reports, problems and conditions and EXACT stats on what Southern California was like when the hikers went through.

Snow and ice safety concerns could be addressed first hand from the hikers who survived the Sierras, and, therefore, again perfect.

The most up to date trail conditions and reroutes could also be presented because all the hikers had all seen them.

They could compare Kick Off presentations to how they did on bear issues and Leave no Trace practices.

Also they could learn about gear they could have had to make the journey more pleasant.

And those whimps with "butterflies" in the beginning could JUST DEAL WITH THEM!

I wonder how well all this would go over with the organizers and the purpose of the Kick Off.  I guess all of that would need to be changed too.

-reductum ad absurdum

Warner Springs Monty

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