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Good evening,

There is evidence to suggest that the majority of hikers on the AT are not
outgoing and social individuals, i.e. extroverts.  Roland Mueser's book,
Long-Distance Hiking, refers to psychologist O. W. Lacy's ongoing analysis
of AT hiker Myers-Briggs test results.  The Lacy data support the conclusion
the 75% of distance hikers are introverts, while the U.S. population in
general is about 50% introvert.  That would mean that there are three times
as many introverts on the trail as extroverts.  Does that apply to the PCT?
I don't know: I will guess it does.

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> Another is that hikers, by-an-large, are type A, gregarious, outgoing and
> social individuals.  I personally like people with this nature, and
> they're
> easy to find because they tend to clump together.

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