[pct-l] Odor Protection Sacks?

AsABat AsABat at 4Jeffrey.Net
Tue Mar 20 20:11:51 CDT 2007

These would be great for me to put my socks in at night. It would make
the atmosphere in my tent much more pleasant.


> Are O.P. Saks Really Odor-Proof?
> Well, yes, quite so. We slathered a bunch of honey, peanut butter, and
> olive oil in one and left it out for four days in the corner of a
> forest service cabin while we were out tramping around on a hike. We
> knew the cabin to be infested with both mice and pack rats, and when
> we came back, the O.P. Sak was intact with no sign whatsoever of
> animal intrusion, despite the fact that there were fresh droppings and
> sawdust scattered throughout the cabin.

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