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Wed Mar 28 20:45:09 CDT 2007

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Sly  Switchback knew what he was doing when he moved to Sin City without 
inviting  any of his hiking buddies.  Las Vegas is a hot town in more ways then 
one  and Switchback just wants it
all to himself.................''GREEDY   RAT".
Yes, this is correct.  Sin  City is a hot place for hardcore backpackers.  In 
fact, any place is a "hot  place" with Trail Pirates and grimy scum bag low 
life professional backpackers  present.  Interestingly, you can always identify 
them in trailtowns.   They have on their clean T-shirt town clothes that say 
things like, "I Fear  No Beer",  "Chick Magnet", "Hike Naked", Saloon Spittoon 
Spiting Champion",  "Retired JMT Unsupported Record Holder", "Greedy Rat", 
"To Be Sick Is To Be  Weak", "Eat, Sleep, Hike", "Thru Hikers Rule", "If Found 
Unconscious, Return to  Trail", "AYCE Salad Bar Worst Nightmare", "Trail Angel 
Supporter", "Lusty and  Busty", and "Hiker's Heaven Alumni". 
Respectfully, Switchback the  Greedy

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