[pct-l] This Is One BIG BEAR !!!!!!

RJ Lewis karmagurl at rainierconnect.com
Fri Mar 30 15:27:09 CDT 2007

Nah, he hangs bear bells on a "Hiker Trophy" board in his cave, kind of 
like the Native Americans did with the scalps of the old days, when they 
"counted coup". And he probably washes those stinky hikers in the creek, 
like a raccoon.  :-P

Ronnie Jo

Bob Bankhead wrote:
> Holy Schmoly! Anyway you care to cut it, that's no teddy bear! I'll bet he used Counter Assualt as wouthwash to get rid of the foul taste of stinky hikers. I wonder how many bear bells were in his gut.....
> Wandering Bob
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