[pct-l] Looking for a segment trip on the PCT that ends in Whitney

Tom Reynolds tomreynolds_ilan at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 12:42:47 CDT 2007

1-Kearsarge Pass to Whitney
  2-Roads End to Whitney via Woods Creek 
  3-High Sierra Trail from Sequoia (The ultimate trans sierra hike)http://www.gentleye.com/camping/trips/trHST.html

jasoswald at aol.com wrote:
  Hey there. . I am new to the list and it's been a while since I've bp 
(college, some 25 years ago). . I am getting ready for a September BP 
trip and would like to to do a segment of the PCT that ends with a 
Whitney Summit. . .Not being familiar with the PCT (but training 
awfully hard now to prepared for it), can anyone recommend a 50-75 mile 
segment that ends at Whitney. . .or point me to some resources. Many 
thanks in advance. OzzieOne
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