[pct-l] flying with backpack to ~Campo

Brian Lewis brianle at nwlink.com
Fri May 4 08:43:46 CDT 2007

As long as I'm dreaming up problems for myself, another one occurred to me
as I prepare to fly out on a backpacking trip this coming week.

In the couple of times I've done this, it's always seemed essential to put
my backpack and most gear inside some sort of suitcase or duffel bag or the
like.  Airlines are hard on baggage and my backpack is pretty fragile, plus
has various strapping hanging loose.  The duffel bag just stays in a support
vehicle and gets used again for the flight back home.

But next year around this time I hope to be flying to the vicinity of Campo
--- I won't have the luxury of leaving and then later retrieving a duffel

I guess the logical thing is to use a flexible duffel bag and mail it home
from near the airport?   Perhaps a smaller duffel just to carry some of the
bulk plus paranoia-contraband (mini pocket knife) and use the main backpack
as carry-on.  Or would airline staff look at even a partially filled
backpack (Mariposa plus) as being too big to use as carry-on?

If folks have another strategy to protect gear from airline wear & tear,
please share it --- in the context, please, of a one-way flight to start a
lo-o-ong backpacking trip.

	Brian Lewis

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