[pct-l] approved bear cannisters Yosemite

Aaron Wallace aaron at skeeky.com
Fri May 4 11:39:52 CDT 2007

The Ursack (std. version, without the aluminum liner) hasn't been
approved for years due to numerous failures in the field.  The Ursack
Hybrid (with the aluminum liner) was conditionally approved last year,
but this approval was revoked due to failures in the field.

The official list of approved canisters is maintained at:


I believe the Ursack folks are trying to get a new version of the Hybrid
approved, with Spectra fabric instead of Vectran.  The Spectra is
stronger than the Vectran they have been using, but was unavailable due
to military demand.  

Also, a new company (Wilderness Solutions:
http://www.wilderness-solutions.com/) is trying to get a new device
approved that uses high-voltage shocks to deter bears.  If their product
can get approval, it will be the lightest solution available--at least
until the Sierra bears figure out how to insulate their paws from
electrical shocks... 

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> Subject: [pct-l] approved bear cannisters Yosemite
>  I recently went to the Yosemite website and these  are  the 
> approved bear cannisters.  Ursack isn't listed.
>  Pika
>      *  Garcia Backpacker Model 812-C
>      * Bearikade Weekender and Expedition (those with  serial 
> number 1766 or higher)
>      * BearVault 110b, 200, 250, 300, 350, and 400.
>      * CounterAssault Bear Keg
>  www.nps.gov/archive/yose/wilderness/bfoodstorage.htm

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