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Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Fri May 4 17:39:49 CDT 2007

_montytam at gmail.com_ (mailto:montytam at gmail.com)  writes: On April  30, 2007 
Rachel Baljeu, female terminator type and class of 2007, completed the  Warner 
Loop on a solo mission.  She may be the first woman to have  completed this 
PCT hike.  She CASUALLY and FEARLESSLY sat and had lunch  right down on the 
open trail without tree cover or any other protection.   She started and 
completed the loop within the same day.

WATCH OUT  SWITCHBACK!  Those female terminator types are right behind you 
and biting  at your heels!!

Take care old buddy and Warner Springs Monty has no  intention of adopting 
the treacherous loop this year as you suggested.  He  took the traditional, safe 
route this year..........................  bypass.
Hummmmmm.  This could be serious.  A female Terminator  Leadership Type on 
the infamous 1.5 mile Warner Springs Loop of the PCT.   She might try to steal 
my thunder for naming of the Clinton C. Clarke Tree  too.  Sounds like she is 
an experienced hiker and laughs at death by eating  her lunch on the trail 
regardless of the mutant saber tooth mountain lions in  the vicinity.  Even I did 
not do that last week in my ultra challenge and  successful hike of the Loop.

Plus, world renown ultra lighter Warner Springs Monty skips  the Loop and 
goes the bypass route like 99.9% of PCT hikers.  This just  goes to show the 
challenges and dangers of those who brave the official trail  around Warner 
Springs.  Amazing.  Just amazing.
Also, let's not forget that it is  not just 1.5 miles to do the Loop.  It is 
really 2.5 miles, since you have  to walk from Warner Springs to the trial and 
then a half mile back to the golf  course snack bar once you finish.  I do 
not want anyone to underestimate  the distance and accomplishment of this feat.  
A little respect is in order  for those who do this.
Your pal,  good luck and be  safe, Switchback the PCT Ultra Marathon Hiker

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