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Thu May 10 13:36:39 CDT 2007

I'm not a frequent poster, but the thread about the stilts guy (Highwalker)
seen in the recent Communicator has caught my interest and maybe many others
(kudos to the Communicator editor). Last Sunday morning I met this stilts
guy hiking into Warner Springs with his wife and son.  The stilts were
either missing or worn down to tiny nubs (neglected to ask -- at the time I
thought the things in his  hands were hiking poles). They were very happy to
have finished Section A and eager to scout out the breakfast buffet.  So I'm
thinking that Bighummel is wrong about the cannibals eating Squatch's
clowns. Instead, they must have released him (neglected to ask about that
too), but probably kept the stilts in their tiny car.  Keep a sharp lookout
-- if you catch them we may be able to return the stilts to their rightful
owner (assuming you can figure out how to get the stilts out of the tiny

San Diego

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> Wow, what a bunch of nay-sayers.  It is interesting that these comments come
> from folks that whole-heartedly support the HYOH mantra.
> When I read the article last night in the Communicator I interpreted it from
> the standpoint that the author came upon Highwalker purely by chance at the
> border.  I didn't get the chance that Highwalker contacted the author, or for
> that matter numerous news stations (as we have seen with some recently), to
> publicize his attempt.
> Whether this guy makes it 1 mile, 100 miles or 2658 miles, give the guy some
> credit for getting out and making an attempt to fulfill his dream... How often
> have we heard, it is not the destination but the journey.
> Elevator
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> Subject: [pct-l] Clowns At Scissors Crossing
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> Squatch writes; "Rumor has it that a small coalition of clowns in a
> very tiny car kidnapped him near Scissors Crossing.
> If anyone has pics...please send post-haste."
>  Well, the latest news is that the clowns were then caught by two cannibals
> who ate them.  As they were eating them one turned to the other and said,
> "Does this taste funny to you?"
> Trail humor, it must be hiking season!
> Greg
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