[pct-l] OT - How a Backpacker Thinks

Randy Forsland randy_forsland at hotmail.com
Sat May 12 16:15:59 CDT 2007

I don't know about GS...but I would be forced to kick someone's ass right 
about now...

Careful out there...all anyone has to do is run a 'whois' to find an 

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>Subject: [pct-l]  OT - How a Backpacker Thinks
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>Pea Hicks, trailname 'Girlscout'. Reality: an adult male.
>Makes you appreciate child predator laws.
>Maybe Ed and Pea share the same hobby? Clearly with those types of issues
>these 2 could find more constructive things to do than troll the list.
>Ed and Pea since you 2 spend so much time being trolls, here's a website 
>may benefit from:
>Designed with the 2 of you in mind! Enjoy.
> >>>>
>this reminds me of something that came up often while in town... someone
>would mention a store or some other place that might be worth going to, and
>someone else would ask "is it within walking distance?" ...and you just had
>to laugh, no matter how far down the street the place was!
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