[pct-l] Agnes Foot Bridge Oregon K14

Margarete Hochhut hochhut at web.de
Thu May 31 06:52:32 CDT 2007

Connected with my question about the Stehekin shuttle bus I have got a detour suggestion concerning the Agnes Foot Bridge damage: 

- near Suiattle Pass go west Trail 1279 over Cloudy Pass down (again) to
    Lyman Lake (map K 11)
- than Trail 1256 down Railroad Creek to Holden.
- continue down to Lucerne on the shore of Lake Chelan
- from there the "Lady Of The Lake" either to Stehekin or
across the lake to Prince Creek Trailhead and than 17miles along the Lake
Shore Trail to Stehekin. 
"Lady of the Lake" from Lucerne 2:30 pm to Prince Creek 3:15 pm
                            from Lucerne 11:45 pm to Stehekin 12:30

Maybe some find that interesting. I don't know anything about the trail conditions along the mentioned detour.


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