[pct-l] It's All in the Timing huh?

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On Tue, 02 Oct 2007 17:48:56 -0700, Jon Akerman <jonakerman at gmail.com>  

> ... when I first noticed the thru-hikers typical miles per day
> (20, right?), I thought that was a little much for me (because I'd
> really, really like to take my time in this thing, and I'm not an pro
> backpacker). ...

When I first started the JMT I thought I'd be lucky to be doing 10 miles a  
day, and I was.  Partly it was conditioning, partly it was the elevation,  
partly it was stop and smell the roses.  Within a matter of days, though,  
I was rolling out 15 mile days and STILL feeling I'd seen what I had  
wanted to see, smelled what I wanted to smell (and me besides), lazed the  
way I wanted to laze, and so on.

That said, how rustic do you want to spend your winters?  And who are you  
hiding from?

Jeffrey "57" Zimmerman
Sonoma County
The Left Coast

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