[pct-l] Mt. Bikes on the trail

Lars Nilsson lars at standardarmament.com
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You mean like ORVers or Mountain Bikers?  I am not looking to circle the
wagons but to be more inclusive - I am well aware of my own shortcomings
as a backpacker.
I am a snow skier, but without snowboarders many slopes might not be
economically viable.  So too wilderness; if too few enter and appreciate
wilderness there will be less concern for it and hence more pressure to
either develop it or de-fund the protection of it.  This might not
happen in the next decade, but in the foreseeable future.  In a
pluralistic society we need to strike a balance not an us vs. them
mentality that seeks to enforce a my way or the highway set of rules.

Lars Nilsson
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Well, now, THERE's a plan, complain about others.

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> ...  There are wannabee ultralight backpackers who allow their
> alcohol stoves to blow over in wind and start fires, causing far more
> damage than fat tires.  There are hikers who insist they are
> enough that bears will never find their food and so they don't need
> those pesky, heavy bear cans.  Too few of us truly practice "leave NO
> trace;" ...

Jeffrey "57" Zimmerman
Sonoma County
The Left Coast
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