[pct-l] Containers and Taters and Bears. Oh My!

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Fri Oct 19 11:38:54 CDT 2007

I smoke only at breaks.  Hard to smoke with hiking sticks!  I also think 
more fires are started by broken bottles acting as a magnifing glass 
than properly put out and field stripped cigarettes.  No trace is what I 
practice.  I only smoke on rocks or bare mineral soil, try to hide the 
ashes and pack out the empty packs and papers (no filters.) 45 year 
addictions are hard to overcome thou I've beat every other one.

On a side note, I'd rather come across one person sitting downwind off 
the trail having a quiet smoke than a bunch of loud beer drinkers 
throwing cans and bottles around.  I did a summer of Marine Park 
Volunteer service here.  Amazing how far people can fling an empty beer 
can into thick understory and still see it from the trail.  Sickening.  
Damm, if you can pack it in full, you can sure as hell pack it out 
empty.........  I do!  I like a cold one myself once in a while too but 
I try to be responsible.

Otherwise, this is the information I'm looking for.  While I can do 15 
miles around here in a day without problem and have 6 hours left over, 
I'm not so sure on the JMT.  I'm planning on 10 a day and if I do more 
great.  I'm still concerened about carrying sufficient food etc from VVR 
to Whitney Portal via the summit.  Old and slow you know...


On Fri, 19 Oct 2007 9:17 am, enyapjr at comcast.net wrote:
>> Do bears like tobacco?
> Don't know about bears (never had a problem in years past), but deer 
> and marmots definitely did if they had the opportunity!
>> Secondly; What do you do on a 10 day stretch when the container only 
>> holds 6 days worth of food?
>> Carrying 2 containers seems awfully heavy, but if a bear gets my food 
>> I'll be screwed.
> First, check out the map <http://tinyurl.com/3cncn8> to see where 
> bear-proof food storage is required...
> The map shows areas where proper food storage is required while 
> 'camping' and the bear box locations...
> You CAN get more than 6 days food into a canister with proper food 
> selection and planning...
> See <http://tinyurl.com/26t98r> and <http://tinyurl.com/yvcez5>...  So 
> you don't need two canisters!
> You may have a 'calorie deficit' after a few days, but you get to 'pig 
> out' at VVR or Mammoth to help make it up...
> Regarding smoking: Not trying to preach (too much, anyway), but be VERY 
> careful smoking while on the PCT...
> SoCal can be very dry early in the thru season and NorCal/OR, also, 
> when you get there on your thru...
> Some National Forests ban smoking (other than inside a structure or 
> closed vehicle) during dry periods...
> Do NOT smoke while hiking; stop, sit low and out of the wind, drop the 
> ashes on bare mineral soil...
> And pack out those butts!  Leave no trace...
>> Beyond this point
>> There be dragons...
> and bears, and marmots, and (sometimes) fires, too...
> Happy trails!!!
> Jim
Beyond this point
There be dragons...

Chris ~ S/V Drifter
Anacortes, WA. ~~~_/) ~~~

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