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Mon Oct 22 11:12:21 CDT 2007

I use the Catalyst and think it's a great pack.  The only problems  I've had 
are with one of the shoulder straps slipping and loosening as I  hike.  I plan 
on adding some silnylon to it to give it some grip.  I  like the size, and 
the internal frame, as it gives me a better ability to go 7  days or so without 
resupplying and can carry the occasional heavier load.   You could also check 
out some of ULA's other packs that are even lighter.   Brian is great to work 
with.  Give him a call and he'll address any  concerns.
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jomike at cot.net writes:

Can  anyone give me feed back about the Catalyst? I might be replacing my 
present  "standard" pack and going to the Catalyst, dropping about 1  pd.


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