[pct-l] Nikon D40X

Kent Spring kjssail at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 25 14:20:42 CDT 2007

Well, add my wondering about the carrying of a camera
that weighs 2.4 pounds!  I think a lighter camera will
prove to be much more useful, partly because it will
be handier and use less energy.  However, everyone to
their own pack and their own hike!

That said - I used to get a photo mag that had a
regular ad for a camera "holder" that would allow you
to carry a camera tightly on your chest, yet allow you
to pull it out to use at the moment. I think I would
rig a similar system using the shoulder straps on the
pack and using stretchy webbing tightly against my
chest.  This is definitely something that you would
need to test extensively before setting off north from

good hiking - Kent

>From: Bob and Diana Nelson [mailto:benelson at ktc.com]
>Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 6:10 PM
>To: PCT-L
>Subject: Nikon D40X
>I plan to carry a Nikon D40X with a 18-200 lens on
>the trail in 2008. It's on the heavy side but good
>pictures are important to me and I'm giving up
>other things I would really like to have along to
>help offset the extra weight. My problem is figuring
>out how to carry it so that it's protected
>and handy. With the lens its about 6.5 inches long.
>Any ideas?

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