[pct-l] Tarptent Rainbow

Linda Rostad lindarostad at verizon.net
Mon Oct 29 18:20:08 CDT 2007

I have been using a Rainbow Tarptent for two summer seasons and really like
it. I am going to through hike next year with a Rainbow. I have been in
wind, rain, and snow inside my Rainbow. I use a down sleeping bag and it has
never gotten wet - except for when I spilled some water! I try to put my
feet into the wind. My pack is usually at my feet so it does help block the
wind. I use a sheet of tyvek under my tent. You can tighten the tent down or
open it up depending on the conditions. I use a 30 degree bag with added
down sweater if it is really cold. I too worried about being too cold when I
first bought the tent. I have not been any colder than when camping in a
double walled tent with little ventilation. I love this tent and will be
thru hiking next year with two others that own the same tent. Sweet Sixty

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