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Fri Aug 1 13:42:24 CDT 2008

In addition to previous replies, here are two more sites: 
http://www.coastwalk.org/: click on Cal Coast Trail for more details; 
I don't know where to find WA info. My understanding is that the 
Coast Trail is currently  a work in progress, but people have walked 
the whole coast one way or the other.

At 07:14 AM 8/1/08, Diane Soini of Santa Barbara Hikes wrote:
>According to my glossy PCT Communicator magazine, there is another
>PCT, the Pacific Coast Trail.
>I have tried to look it up on the Internet but it seems people
>confuse the Coast trail for the Crest trail and all I get are pages
>about how the Pacific Coast Trail goes from Mexico to Canada. Even
>former PCT hikers seem to slip the word Coast into the name.
>Is there really a real Coast trail? Does anyone have a good source of
>info? I did find one site that showed a couple heading out on their
>trek down the coast but there was nothing about the trail itself, the
>route, maps or anything like that.
>Hoping to make a loop out of it someday,
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